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What Is Atlas_Obscure.Com? My Homepage For Whatever Weird Stuff I Find From Photos Of Hide And hide Albums And Stuff I Own.

My Handle Atlas_Obscure Is A Reference To The Website Atlas Obscura And To The Song OBSCURE By Dir En Grey.

Here is my discogs music collection: Every Album I Own.

Here is my internet archive account i mostly upload flac format music: xjapan_hide.

  • 1.Week End
  • 2.Drain
  • 3.Rusty Nail
  • 4.Kurenai
  • 5.Dahlia
  • Top 5 Anime

    hide Ja,Zoo Special Edition CD

    hide + TUSK Seth Et Holth LaserDisc

    Thanks for visiting if you wanna contact me email me here (all emails will be copied and posted on the website): atlasobscure@gmail.com

    Le Endless Loop Loop.